This is EJP

We are
financial astronauts.
Count us in.

You are busy. With your work. With your company. With your family. This is why we take care of your financial affairs. EJP Accountants & Adviseurs is a rapidly growing no-nonsense partner for complete support in the field of accountancy, tax advice, and real estate planning. Since our incorporation in 2004, we have grown into a firm with 3 offices (‘s-Hertogenbosch, De Bilt and Amsterdam) and teams that can offer support in any field to customers: without pretensions, crystal clear, and personal. We like to work to-the-point: exactly like we are. We are committed to honest, no-nonsense, and personal advice for a reason. Simply good. With a focus on innovation, knowledge and skills, but also our heart for society. We are always looking for innovative opportunities that help you along, always with sincere attention for you as a customer and the world around us. We want to be a trusted partner for all our customers: a partner you can rely on for all your issues and where you always receive tailored support. An advisor that truly gets to know your company, your situation, and your ambitions. Someone who uses all this knowledge to your advantage. Not only when you ask, but also when it is necessary or useful.