Our approach

Our approach

Your financial affairs are important. You must feel confident about handing them off to a professional. Somebody who knows his stuff. Who knows your organisation. Who provides support. Provides ideas. And identifies opportunities. We are that party. A true trusted partner.

We are there for you

We answer your questions by e-mail. We provide you with exactly the information you need using a simple phone call. And you are welcome at our offices. But we prefer visiting you. This gives us the time to look at your financial situation. To discuss the latest regulations with you. And to provide insight into your potential for growth or concerns.

Supported by IT

EJP has extensive automated processing of your financial accounting. We use this latest software tools to facilitate you in your role as entrepreneur. And, naturally, also for the efficient processing of your figures.

Between entrepreneurs

We are true entrepreneurs. Just like you. We keep developing ourselves. We want to get the most out of ourselves and our organisation. And are enthusiastic about our profession. And like sharing our knowledge with you. In a talk between entrepreneurs. This is precisely what your customers like about us: that we understand them. That we are a committed partner.

Our people

In friendships, you attract people that suit you. That give you energy. That complement you. The same applies within EJP. Our people are EJP. Professional, direct, social, and driven. They are informal when they can. And sound the alarm when needed.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.