Financial astronauts

Figures are more than numbers. They tell a story. About the results of your organisation. The available opportunities for growth. And the direction you should pursue. EJP always zooms in on your story. This makes us more than an accountant or tax expert. It makes us a valuable and reliable partner.

Your organisation is growing

A smart entrepreneur surrounds himself with the right sparring partners. EJP is the partner for all your financial, fiscal, and entrepreneurial issues. We work with you to look at the value of your organisation, and determine the profit factors and obstacles. We help you gain more insight into the strength of your organisation. And provide you with the information you need to make the best possible use of this strength and keep making adjustments. We are also there for you if things are not going as well. If this is the case, we will look for a suitable and effective solution to turn the tide. Together, we will keep your organisation in the best possible shape. Profitable, strong, innovative.

Fully in line with the strategy

We feel committed to your organisation and are close. But we will also look at the processes at a distance at the same time. This is how we oversee your daily practice to continuously compare it to your overarching strategy. We give advice. We provide ideas. We take the time for things you may not have the time for during your busy work.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.