Tax advice

Fiscal additional percentage, gift exemption, labour expenses scheme, benefit checks, tax credits. These are only a few of the schemes that can change. The fiscal landscape is subject to continuous change. And it is important that your company keeps adapting. EJP helps you with this. We are your financial astronauts. We identify whether the current legal form of your company is still the best one. And we inform you of the fiscal and financial opportunities.

The right fiscal course

Tax affairs are often complicated, which can make them feel abstract. Even though it is important for organisations to pursue the right fiscal course. This is why we make the abstract and complicated subject matter tangible. We take the time to explain everything to give you a better sense of this important aspect of your organisation. This makes it a lot easier for you to make the best possible use of all fiscal opportunities.

International and European schemes

Luxembourg, France, Hong Kong. We like to push the limits of our services! Are you struggling with international (tax) legislation, fiscal checks, company structures, import and export provisions, and establishment requirements? We can assist and advice you. We have an extensive international network with local specialists. This allows us to provide rapid and targeted services. Our advice on international aspects is of the same level as advice within our borders.

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