Internet privacy policy

Last revision: 17 May 2018

This website is operated by EJP Holding BV, established in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, also on behalf of EJP Accountants BV. EJP Belastingadviseurs BV. EJP Utrecht BV, EJP Services BV, and EJP Audit BV, hereinafter jointly referred to as ‘EJP’.

Data processing

If you make use of the EJP website, you may share certain personal data at your own initiative or are required to share certain personal data. EJP processes these data:

  • to be able to provide this website to its users, and to enable users to register for certain components of this website;
  • to be able to provide you with more information about the services provided by EJP by either mail or e-mail, and to be able to optimise the services provided by EJP, whether or not through this website;
  • to be able to provide you with research materials, marketing materials, or other publications related to EJP, either by mail or by e-mail;

As a rule, EJP will only collect information which is strictly necessary to be able to comply with a request that has been submitted by you. If you are requested required information, this will be explicitly stated on the web page in question.

You voluntarily provide personal data to EJP. The way in which you can remove yourself or unsubscribe from a mailing list will be communicated in a separate message or through information on the web page of the website in question. You can also contact the web master of the website for this.

Because EJP also uses it website as a recruitment tool, you can send your curriculum vitae to one of our employees during your website visit. EJP will only use the data you provide in this context for the following purposes:

  • for recruitment and selection purposes within EJP;
  • for communication purposes; for example to make an appointment if EJP wants to invite you to an introductory meeting or interview;
  • if your application is being processed to assess your suitability for a (future) vacant position.

EJP will not ask for demographic data such as sex and profession, but you have the option of providing this information when submitting an online application.


You can also send messages through the website. The messages sent in this manner will state your username and e-mail address, as well as any additional information you include in the message. If you send a request or comments to us by e-mail, EJP may process these data, for example to contact you to answer your e-mail.

Special personal data

EJP will not request personal data through the website, unless this is legally required for the recruitment of staff. Special personal data are, for example, data about race or ethnic group, political affiliation, religion or belief, membership of a trade union, physical or mental health, sexual preferences, or a criminal record. We recommend that you do not provide these types of special personal data. However, should you decide to do so, we will assume that you give EJP express permission to process these data, and you will be requested to inform us of your permission by clicking a button on the web page on which you can leave these special personal data.


Even though most publications are offered in the form of downloads, you may request publications from EJP online, by phone, or by fax (order form). We will request you to provide order data to make the shipment and payment take place as smoothly as possible.

Direct marketing

In addition to purposes like mailing lists, for which you can sign up yourself and indicate that you want to receive specific marketing materials, other publications and/or information from EJP, EJP can use personal data it receives through the website to support its direct marketing activities. If you do not want to receive unsolicited information about (new) services provided by EJP, you can indicate this when sharing your personal data or in response to an e-mail sent by EJP. In this case, EJP will block the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Third parties

Your personal data will be treated confidentially by EJP and not be used for other purposes or given to third parties, unless:

  • EJP is legally required to do so;
  • you explicitly ask for this;
  • this is required to send you publications, marketing materials, research materials, or other information;
  • you sign up for conferences or events organised by third parties yourself;
  • these third parties are other EJP entities.

The EJP website will not be used to collect or aggregate personal data for the purpose of external distribution, for sales activities and/or to carry out mailings for the benefit of third parties.

Transfer to other EJP entities

Personal data collected by EJP can be forwarded to other EJP entities that are part of the global EJP organisation. However, these entities may only use the data for the purpose for which you have provided them to EJP. A visitor who placed data on the EJP website gives explicit permission for the transfer of data collected on the website to other countries if this is necessary to fulfil the voluntary request of this visitor.

When you place data on the EJP website, we will assume that you give EJP express permission to share these data with other EJP entities that are part of the global EJP organisation, and you will be requested to inform us of your permission by clicking a button on the web page on which you can leave these special personal data.

External links

EJP has placed links to third-party websites. If you visit another website using such link, you must realise that the privacy policy of EJP will not apply on this website. These third parties or others may collect information about you on these websites. EJP is not responsible for the content of these websites or the actions of these third parties and others. We recommend you to study the privacy policy of these websites before providing (personal) data there.

Data retention

EJP will not keep your personal data any longer than necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing of your personal data set out above, unless these data are required to comply with a statutory retention obligation, or until the retention period stipulated based on applicable codes of conduct and professional regulations has expired (if this latter period is longer).

Access to the website

We have chosen not to require visitors of the EJP website to register themselves. However, you may be asked to register to receive a personal user code and personal password, for example to gain access to certain sections of the website, or to gain access to certain transaction data, confidential company data, or patented data.


You have the right to access the personal data about you processed by EJP. You must complete a possible sign-up or registration procedure again to change or supplement your personal data. EJP will make reasonable efforts to make its website as available as possible to enable you to identify and correct any inaccuracies. If possible, EJP will remove your personal data from the current operational systems at your request.

EJP accepts the responsibility to record any personal data it keeps with care once they have been provided and their accuracy has been verified. However, EJP will not accept any responsibility for the level of accuracy of personal data that have been provided once. Once EJP has been informed that certain personal data collected on the website are no longer correct, it will change these data based on the new data received from you in your capacity as authorised visitor.


EJP has implemented commonly accepted technological procedures and security guidelines to ensure that personal data are not lost, abused, destroyed, or changed accidentally. All EJP employees must observe the security requirements that apply throughout the organisation. Personal data will only be accessible to authorised employees of EJP, and these employees have accepted a duty of confidentiality in relation to these data.


Questions about your use of this website, about access to or accuracy of information previously provided to EJP through the website, or requests to remove outdated data, can be addressed to EJP (or by regular mail: EJP Holding B.V., attn. Afd ICT, P.O. Box 3082, 5203 DB ‘s-Hertogenbosch). Requests to access, supplement and/or modify data must be accompanied by a copy of your identification document. If you do not want to receive marketing information from EJP, you can also contact the above (e-mail) address.

If you have previously signed up for e-mail newsletters and you no longer want to receive these, you must sign off separately through the relevant site component.

You can contact EJP if you have questions about this Internet privacy policy.


EJP reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. The date of the last revision has been listed at the top of this Internet privacy policy.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.