Working at EJP

EJP is a rapidly growing firm with offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and De Bilt. We are always looking for enterprising and enthusiastic employees who are passionate about their profession.

This is our corporate culture

You are an identity. This is what makes you unique. The same goes for a company. At EJP, we are a bit defiant. We dare. Do new things. And are eager to mean something to others. To our customers, but also to ourself and to society.

We are enthusiastic and honest. Enterprising and skilled. Driven and social. All our employees have these characteristics. It makes us into a strong team. Our people give EJP this unique identity.

Can you appreciate our personal approach? Informality, not formality? A trusted advisor, not an auto-pilot? Do you speak your mind? And do you like your working? Surprise us with your application by filling out this form!

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