Merger and acquisition

It is important to establish a sound foundation for a merger or acquisition. After all, you are combining two company cultures. This major step does not only provide opportunities, but certainly also risks. EJP can fulfil a valuable role in this. The role of connecting party, coordinator, and change strategist.

Ratio versus emotion

Purchasing or selling a company involves important considerations about the value, conditions, and price. But it also involves emotions. You are going to sell your company in which you have poured your heart and soul. Or you will purchase the company which was once passionately founded by someone else. A merger or acquisition can only be successful if ratio and emotions are in line with each other.

EJP pays attention to both aspects. We draw up the valuations, help negotiate, and assist with the due diligence (both for accounting and tax purposes). We also help you to ensure the acquisition takes place as smoothly as possible to guarantee that the proposal does not only look good to both parties on paper, but also feels good.

Acquisition method

There are many ways to acquire a company, for example through a management buy-in, a management buy-out, a full purchase through shares, or only through assets. The used process depends on the type of acquisition, and it is important to take the right steps. Our tax experts and accountants are familiar with these steps. And they know how they must involve external parties like banks, lawyers, environmental experts, and IT experts in the process. We will not hesitate engaging external expertise through our very competent partner network. Of course, this will always take place in consultation with you, because we believe that it is important that you keep in touch with the process.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.