Wage processing

A strong employment relationship between employee and employer is the foundation of a healthy organisation. But how do you create a strong relationship? This starts with the timely and correct processing of the wages. If your employees are virtually assured of correct payslips, you have a perfect foundation to expand upon.

EJP wants to help you with this responsible task. This makes sure that not just the employees are ensured proper wage processing, but you as well. Our competent wage specialists feel responsible for your wage slips. And they are on top of sector developments and legislative changes. The result? Flawless wage slips. Again and again.

We take care of your wage processing

Your wage processing is in our capable hands. We pay attention to changes without your sector, the CLA, and the tax system on your behalf. We make changes. And we ensure that the wage slips are always in line with the current law and regulations.

Pro-active and with focus on the future

We always think about your wage processing process to ensure you can set it up for you and your employees as efficiently as possible. In this context, we also keep innovations that may benefit you in mind. For example, the use of the online wage process software Loket.nl. We can ensure that your wage processing takes place smoothly. Now and in the future.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.