Financial advice

Keeping a company going is hard work. You have a lot of responsibilities: attracting new customers, keeping existing customers satisfied, managing employees, procurement, providing service. It can be difficult to step away from the daily processes and look at the greater picture. EJP helps you look ahead, to ensure you can keep focussing on your distinctive capabilities.

Your organisation directed towards growth

Our advisers look at the position of your company and the way it is funded. Are you making sufficiently efficient use of the resources present on the financial market? What can you learn from your competitors in the field of funding? Do you focus on your distinctive capabilities? We provide the answers, together with our extensive partner ecosystem. These partners do not only consist of traditional banks, but especially of private equity and crowdfunding initiatives such as Symbid, Collin Crowdfund, and You will only know which party can offer the best conditions to you when you have identified multiple options. We advise you and provide insight into your growth potential and any areas that demand additional attention. This lets you know exactly whether you are on course and what demands adjustments.

A pro-active partner

EJP guarantees a professional, pro-active, and committed business partner. We are on top of the fiscal, financial, and policy trends. We will inform you once we identify an opportunity and things change that are relevant to you. You can focus on all your other responsibilities with confidence.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.