Our employees and partners are the very best financial astronauts when it comes to auditing and preparing your documents. They stick their noses in your interim reports, annual reports, social reports, quality audits, grant applications or reports, and will only resurface once the process has been completed.

Statutory audits

We have a permit from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. This means that our firm and our accountants meet the requirements for conducting statutory audits. But more importantly: we also look beyond the mandatory audits. We want to offer a real added value to your company and have you excel in financial and strategic aspects. EJP can also help you optimise internal processes and anti-abuse measures within your organisation. Trust, commitment, and pro-activity are the foundation of our partnership. Using our risk-focussed approach, we also strive for the best possible independent financial accountability at attractive rates.

Internal audit

We often work for growing organisations that have arrived in a new phase of maturity. They are at the threshold of professionalising their processes, controlling their purposes better, and more clearly defining their responsibilities. Our professionals know how to best address this like no other. We help with recording and describing the administrative organisation and the internal control measures. This enables your organisation to grow, learn, and to always be in control.

Knowledge partner

Your external reporting is not an isolated affair. It is connected to changing international and national regulation. To the International Financial Reporting Standard. To legal aspects. And to your operational processes. The professional of EJP oversee the entire situation. This is the only way you can clearly report on the situation of your company, taking into account all underlying relationships, risks, and factors.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.