Tax advice

Do you want to pay too much taxes? Of course not! But it’s very time consuming to keep track of and properly apply all tax rules. We take care of these duties for you. You can trust us to properly take care of things.

Knowledge of all aspects

Sales tax, corporate income tax, wage tax, income tax, transfer tax, international tax, inheritance tax, and gift tax. There are many types of taxes, and many more rules and laws. We feel like a fish in water in the fiscal world. We consider it our serious responsibility to help entrepreneurs and companies with their fiscal issues and returns. This ensures that all obligations are met, but not a single unneeded cent is paid. EJP enables you to make full use of your tax opportunities. And ensures that all your tax affairs are always arranged perfectly.

A pro-active partner

Are there any fiscal changes? We will be on top of them. We will let you know if a recent development has an impact on your business, and we will take any needed steps together. You can truly outsource your tax matters to us, without losing control over them. You will always be up to date.

Your question will always be our priority. Feel free to contact us.