Financial planning

Smart entrepreneurship involves more than focussing on figures and adopting to the market. It also involves thinking about your future financial situation. You may want to transfer your company in a few years. Or sell or purchase a company. And what if you are no longer there? EJP helps you with your financial planning. We take a close look at different scenarios and identify the opportunities. We mitigate the risks and uncertainties together to make you as prepared for the future as you can be.

Living will

Financial planning does not only concern the future, but also the present. What will happen to your business activities if you are abroad for a longer period of time, or if you are temporarily unavailable for another reason? It is good to think about this in advance and record any actions in a living will. This ensure that everyone knows what must happen if you are unable or unwilling to take actions yourself. For example, you can indicate which trustworthy party from your immediate surroundings will take over your affairs to ensure your company does not come to a standstill.

Estate management

You have developed a structure for your accounting responsibilities over the years. And you have a clear idea of which direction you want to pursue with your company. Your plans, ideas, and visions are all clear in your mind. But what if you pass away: how do you ensure the continuity of your company? And how do you leave something good to your heirs, without them having to worry about your financial and accounting affairs? EJP advises on flawless management of your estate, also called estate planning. It is an important part of your financial planning. We draw up an inheritance plan together and keep your will up to date. But we also lay down other affairs, such as your financial and accounting data, your ideas about the future, and important documents. This ensure that you can rely on the fact that your entrepreneurial spirit remains alive within the company, and that affairs are arranged as you would have done. And more importantly: you do not burden your heirs with this and leave them a well-arranged situation.

Company succession

Do you want to transfer your company to the next generation? There are various possibilities and structures for this. We look for a way which suits you and your company, together with you. We highlight various aspects in this context: the future financial situation, the pitfalls, and the risks. Your vision, but also that of your successor. The fiscal side, but certainly also the social aspects. After all, multiple family members can be interested in the company. A family covenant helps express and capture all wishes of individual family members. We help you arrange everything up to the smallest detail.

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