Edward Hendrickx

"It is very important to keep on moving, to do new things and to motivate your clients and yourself to keep developing as human as well as in your knowledge . The commitment to be a pro active advisor to our customers is therefore confirmed by the enthusiasm and drive of our people. I am proud of that!"

Edward is one of the co-founders of EJP and has about 20 years of experience as a tax consultant. With his hands-on mentality, he is constantly looking for solutions for all kinds of complex issues in the field of tax law and entrepreneurship, including mergers and acquisitions. At a national, but certainly also at an international level. In this context he fulfils various ancillary positions in the capacity of an Advisory Board or supervisory board. Edward lives in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, is married to Wanda and has two daughters. As an active member of many business associations and boards, such as the King’s Day Foundation, SES and The Friendship Foundation, Edward likes to contribute to the world around EJP.